Gazal launches its Operations in king Fahad Medical City

Gazal launched its operational business in King Fahd Medical City, which is the largest independent medical city in the Middle East, comprising four hospitals, four medical centers and various support departments. This partnership aims to achieve freedom of mobility within the largest medical city and provide .visitors and staff with a unique state of art mobility experience that is environmentally friendly

.This partnership comes as an integration with the services provided by King Fahd Medical City for the benefit of the community

It is worth noting that Gazal Company, the leading Saudi micromobility company, had previously disclosed in August its contribution to enabling Gazal vehicle users to travel more than 190,000 kilometers, thus preventing the emission of 26 tons of dioxide.

Gazal Expand its Unique Services to the Most Luxurious Hotel in Riyadh “The Ritz-Carlton”

On Tuesday, August 14, 2021, Gazal signed an agreement to provide micromobility service in the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Riyadh. Gazal will be providing its environmentally friendly fleet to the Ritz-Carlton guests, visitors and staff. Gazal green vehicles can be booked and used through Gazal application to provide the users with a seamless experience for short distance travel.

This step comes as an extension of The Ritz-Carlton, Riyadh’s keenness to achieve Vision 2030 by relying on state of art technologies and providing the latest means of absolute luxury and endless luxury to serve its guests and enable them to experience innovative experiences.

Gazal added, “Gazal endeavours to enhance the quality of life by creating the necessary environment to develop and support new liveable and lifestyle options in accordance with the Saudi 2030 vision by providing sustainable mobility alternatives and help the community adopt healthier and joyful transportation mean”.

The General Manager of The Ritz-Carlton, Riyadh, Mohammed Marghalani, said: “In continuation of our permanent approach to providing the latest technologies and amenities that serve the hotel’s guests and visitors, we are pleased today to sign a Micromobility agreement to provide additional alternatives for mobility within the hotel. The Ritz-Carlton, Riyadh has an area of ​​approximately 215,000 square meters and is surrounded by various types of trees and plants that help In providing an exceptional experience like no other.”

Gazal Revealed its Operational Results Indicating Strong Demand and Adoption

Gazal, a Saudi homegrown leader in shared micromobility environmentally friendly transportation solutions, today unveiled that since its launch in early April 2021 riders have traveled over 190,000KM eliminating more than 25 tons of Carbon Dioxide over a period of 90 days of operation. 25,000 plus riders (Gazalers) have contributed to the efforts and initiatives of saving the environment by eliminating more than 25 tons of CO2. We at Gazal, delighted to observe how we contributed to the effort of decarbonizing urban transport in the operational cities in KSA.

Gazal introduced to the Saudi market the latest innovation in the world of e-scooters “Swappable batteries” which is considered as a sustainability game changer as it removes the need to transport the fleet for charging and drastically reduce the service’s energy consumption and congestion contribution.

At Gazal, we are proud to successfully provide a service to cities and semi gated community to help people moving safely and we invested and continue to invest heavily in increasing the awareness of micromobility in Saudi Arabia, the biggest market in the MENA region. Our ultimate goal is to provide convenient and affordable complement to public transport, unlocking the first and last miles, and improving accessibility.

Having the largest fleet in the Middle East is equipping Gazal to dominate the Saudi micromobility market and also expand to the regional markets in an efforts to provide sustainable alternative transportation means. Despite the challenges, the rapid adoption of Gazal E-scooters and bicycle indicates potential to transform urban mobility habits in KSA.  We work day and night to serve Saudi 2030 vision by making transportation more sustainable, healthier and enjoyable.

Gazal in King Salman Social Centre Celebrating the World Bicycle Day

Considering that June 3rd is the International Bicycle Day, and in view of the efforts exerted by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to support the preservation and protection of the environment from pollution, humanization of cities and raising the level of environmental awareness, bicycles are considered light, sustainable and environmentally friendly means of transportation and entertainment that are used in short distances and have many advantages.

The social, economic and health benefits, as it is considered one of the sports that help improve mental health, strengthen muscles, and is environmentally friendly and cost efficient. For Gazal’s role in social responsibility, and to celebrate this occasion, we participated in the event held at the King Salman Social Centre to promote these concepts and contribute to raising environmental and societal awareness for healthier lifestyle and increase the level of quality of life.

Gazal Expanded to Almadina Almonawara

Gazal today, Tuesday, 05-11-2021 AD, launched its operations in Almadinah in three carefully selected areas to provide Micromobility Sharing System services with its light weight vehicles, which are the most sustainable means of transportation and contribute to the adoption of healthy and environmentally friendly behavior, which in turn enhances the principles of quality of life. It should be noted that Almadina Almonawara was known for its excellence in the field of humanizing cities, which was attested to by the most important global institutions, the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), where it was awarded an award for that. Gazal’s presence also comes on the good ground to serve residents and visitors in the most dense and crowded areas, so that sustainable means of transportation are the fastest and most economical option.

It is a great honor for us at “Gazal” to expand outside of Riyadh and to be present in Al-Madina Al-Monawara. We are happy to expand our operational business in the second city in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This rapid and unexpected spread of Micromobility Sharing industry observers confirms our hard work towards implementing ambitious plans that are executed with enthusiasm by the specialized teams in “Gazal” and are determined with all vigor to spread Micromobility Sharing services in all parts of our beloved Kingdom.

Gazal is located in Al Madinah Al Munawwarah mainly in three areas, which are Quba Avenue, King Fahd Park, and Al Hijra Walk. Gazal application is available for Madinah residents, pilgrims and visitors to the city by downloading it from the app stores. Moreover, in an effort to provide our clients with seamless experience Gazal application will be available soon in several Asian languages ​​to ease the use of our services.

Gazal Launches its Operation in a Business Areas for Global & Multinational Companies in Riyadh

On Wednesday, April 28 of 2021, Gazal launched its second operational area in a premier business and SMEs cluster. Riyadh Front, the premier business hub, became the second operational areas for Gazal to spread its vehicle and serve the community. Gazal with its state of art solutions when it comes to hardware and software is expected to serve more than 6000 employees within this unique premier business hub.

We at Gazal are pleased and honored to operate exclusively in this premier hub. We aim to make short distance travel more enjoyable and sustainable given our solutions in micromobility. Riyadh Front, is embraced a young business community and new government entities that emerged from the Saudi Vision 2030. Therefore, it was not surprising that this community received Gazal with a kind of happiness embodied in using vehicles smoothly which reflects the high level of awareness when it comes to Micromobility.

This premier hub for SMEs and multinational companies is known for its human-centered design, human-centered connection, integrating work life, social life, and wellness into one multifaceted district. Our second operational area brings together major local, regional, and international companies in buildings designed with standards that stimulate creativity and increase productivity.

The young Gazal team was present at the Riyadh Front Business on launch day to help everyone get their first experience with our light weight and environmentally friendly vehicles. We are happy with the positive vibes and energy we felt it on the day of launch, and this motivates us more and with greater determination to widen and spread the usage of Gazal for better urban transportation. Gazal is moving forward towards introducing an innovative and advanced revolution In the transportation industry in Saudi Arabia.

Gazal launches its first operation business

غزال في البوابة الاقتصادية

Gazal launched its Micro-Mobility service at its first planned operational site. Today, Thursday, 8/4/2021, the Business Gate welcomed Gazal fleet and its operation team. Gazal floated its fleet all over the Business Gate and made mobility within the BG easier, faster and most importantly environmentally friendly.

Gazal provides an alternative mean for transportations sor short distance travel. The fleet that is operated by Gazal it allows an individual to participate in an effective way to preserving the environment by using an environmentally friendly options for mobility. The usage of Gazal by individuals will make mobility enjoyable, less stressful, and more practical, which will be raising the quality of life.

Gazal will be continuing to expand more widely and aggressively as part of its ambitious plan to introduce Micro-Mobility in KSA in different cities. The expansion plan Gazal is executing is a result of signing number of agreements that it has been working on during the past few months with many different partners. It is worth noting that the our stakeholders have a great awareness of their community, and that is why they chose Gazal as a partner who understands the requirements of the next era and aware of the targeted deliverables of the 2030 vision.

Gazal raises $2M Seed funding round

Gazal was established in 2020 with an aim to transform and redesign the future of transportation in KSA and the GCC region for short-distance travel and bring into use sustainable, green and healthier alternatives. The company was founded with the vision of giving everyone access to the full potential of the cities in Saudi Arabia.

The funding rounds brings the valuation of Gazal to a post-money value of $6M (SAR 22.5M).

Haytham Alsuhaimi, Co-Founder of Gazal commented, “We are determined to revolutionize transportation and contribute to the reduction of air pollution with simple, safe, and sustainable mobility solutions. Enhancing the quality of life and helping to make streets full of people rather than cars is a top priority to Gazal. As urban populations are growing in our cities we at Gazal are bringing new solutions for moving people in cities.”

Mr. Ibrahim Almuhanna, an investor in this round said, “With the increasing numbers of vehicles on the roads, our busy city centres are frequently congested with commuters fighting for limited parking spaces and instead of enjoying the journey it becomes incredibly stressful. The intersection of technology innovations such as mobility, connectivity, and automation with business model innovations such as shared mobility is fundamentally changing the way how people move.”

Mr. Abdulrahman Alhashimi, Gazal’s Product Manager added, “It has always been proven that startups are making the difference and so is Gazal. Gazal will contribute a lot to the dramatic changes and improvements that Saudi Arabia is experiencing nowadays for making a greener and healthier life.”

Gazal aims to create the infrastructure to become an integrated part of every community in KSA and to create greener and liveable cities with less congestion noise and pollution.