About Gazal

Our Mission

GAZAL was formed after recognising the need for easily accessible, alternative transportation within busy urban areas. GAZAL’s aspiration is to provide affordable, stress-free travel for all communities, whilst helping to protect the environment for our future generations.

The problem

With increasing numbers of vehicles on the roads, our busy city centres are frequently congested with commuters fighting for limited parking spaces.

The solution

With our shared e-scooters and dockless bikes made readily available in designated parking areas and docking stations.

Our Goal is to

Lower travel costs

Enable safe, affordable travel for all, especially underserved communities

Encourage the use of cleaner energy to travel shorter distances

Reduce congestion and limit the use of fossil fuels to preserve the planet for our future generations

Help to improve the cities economy by allowing disadvantaged communities access to better education, jobs and healthcare

Our Promise

In an ever-changing world it has become even more important to pull together as a nation to promote health, lower costs and protect the environment. We have introduced our shared transport options to benefit all urban communities, whilst encouraging them to adopt a healthier and greener lifestyle.

Our Values

safety first

Preservation of the environment

Satisfaction of our partners and customers